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Mick Fanning has been diggin' retirement.

Can you think of a single surfer more universally beloved than Mick Fanning? Go ahead, I'll wait. Nothing? I figured as much. The reason you're drawing a total blank is because Fanning did it right. He surfed his way to three world titles, he kept his chin up through unbearable personal hardship, at some point he punched a shark and then won a contest in that same shark's backyard, and he gave a classy farewell to competition by stepping aside and letting the next generation get to work, even though he could have easily jousted for titles for years longer. So it's only fitting that Fanning has been living it up in his post-Tour phase. What's he been up to, you ask? Hear it from the horse's mouth below.
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It doesn't matter how you beach, as long as you beach freely!
Since 1984, Reef has been ancouraging people around the globe to embrace the fun, freedom and spirit of the beach while living life by one simple rule: beach freely.

It doesn't matter how you beach, as long as you beach freely!

We believe in inspiring all who step on the sand to experience the beach on their terms and take that spirit of the beach with them when they leave. To bring that to life in a really meaningful way, we took to the beaches in Miami and Los Angeles to capture real people experiencing the beach in a real way. We wanted to get an authentic cross section of the types of people and places that delivered on our message of inclusivity, freedom and fun.
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Urban Surf 4 Kids is a unique outreach organization that works with orphan youth and foster kids. Using water sports as a catalyst, they teach kids how to first have fun and then give back to their communities and neighborhoods through local service projects.It’s surprising to know that the majority of foster youth aren’t allowed to physically enter the ocean due to liability and insurance policies. Urban Surf 4 Kids takes on that liability in order to allow foster children the chance to experience the ocean." "At Reef, we believe in the fun, freedom and spirit of the beach which is why we love to partner with organizations like Urban Surf 4 Kids whenever we can. The US4K Reef Holiday Party is an annual event that we put on to give back to the kids and staff that make this organizaiton so special.We were able to celebrate the holiday season in style: on the beach! We surfed, swam, played beach volleyball and had a blast with all the kids that were excited to celebrate. When the kids were tired out, we all set up for lunch and even had a snow cone machine pumping out frosty goodness. Everyone participated in making the day a winter wonderland, beach style!
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It was a sunny Friday afternoon on Maui’s north shore. Light wind wafted through the halls of Haʻikū Elementary School as hundreds of kids anxiously followed their teachers to the basketball court. They were in for a big surprise—three brand new water filling stations—provided by Reef, Dakine, and Skyline Eco Adventures in partnership with the Rob Machado Foundation. The salty air was laden with excitement, and we could hear the low rumble of the giant north-west swell picking up just a couple miles away. For these students, hearing and feeling the effects of big waves at school during the winter is typical. Our local pros who surf those waves are heroes to them. One of them could grow up to be the next Billy Kemper, or Paige Alms, riding the world’s biggest waves in our backyard.
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Your favorite quote you live by?

“I do mind how I do mine.”

Tell us what’s been motivating you the most as of lately?

Lately I’ve been motivated by my friends that love to surf more than anything. They’ll make any board, fins, trunks or waves work, it makes me appreciate my job and equipment 10 times more.

Did you invest into bitcoin?


Any pre-competition rituals?

Copy Michael Peterson.

First thing you do in the morning?

Hit it if can.

Who helps to push you the most?

Cheeseburger (Keoni Nozaki) and my sister Coco Ho.

Favorite place to be (i.e. water, room, families house, beach). Why?

A surf spot with nobody out or just a friend, because I completely lose myself having fun.

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