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Since 1984, Reef has been ancouraging people around the globe to embrace the fun, freedom and spirit of the beach while living life by one simple rule: beach freely.

It doesn't matter how you beach, as long as you beach freely!

We believe in inspiring all who step on the sand to experience the beach on their terms and take that spirit of the beach with them when they leave. To bring that to life in a really meaningful way, we took to the beaches in Miami and Los Angeles to capture real people experiencing the beach in a real way. We wanted to get an authentic cross section of the types of people and places that delivered on our message of inclusivity, freedom and fun.

"Miami truly defined Beach Freely. We chose to shoot in Miami Beach because of the diversity of people it brings from all over the world. There were individuals from Cuba, France, Venezuela, the mid-west, CA and so many more. As we walked along the vibrant turquoise coastline, it was easy to capture the spirit of the beach through the lens of everyone beaching in their own way. Whether it was people laying out, playing beach games, boogie boarding, taking selfies, or making sand figurines, there was so much happening as far as you could see on the sand. Everyone was together, having fun, on one beach. - that was really cool to see." 

Shawna Williams, Creative Project Manager

In the film, diversity was not only brought to life through the authentic people on the beach, but the beaches themselves. The beach’s personified voice was literally written into the sands of iconic beaches in Hawaii, Fiji, Tasmania, Australia and California. This was particularly important to us because to deliver a powerful message of inclusivity and had to go the extra mile to be there and show what’s beautiful and unique about the beaches we love around the world.



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