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1. When bathing suit shopping, your best friend...
A. Tells you the cold hard truth.  
B. Always thinks you look great!  
C. Yeah right, she never goes shopping!  

2. My typical BFF date consists of
A. Soaking in rays at the beach!  
B. Taco Tuesday with unlimited margaritas.  
C. Lounging at our favorite coffee spot.  

3. My bestie knows my ideal vacation is
A. Action packed beach day!  
B. Anywhere with an open bar!  
C. What vacation? I work too much.  

4. I trust my bestie to order my food for me....
A. ALWAYS, we even usually split most meals  
B. Only dessert!  
C. Ehh, I'm not a fan of gluten-free, low-carb, dairy-free, meals...  

5. I can spend 10 days straight with my BFF and we wouldn't run out of things to talk about.  

A. Of course! We have so many adventures together that we never run out of things to talk about.  
B. Definitely...she always has the best gossip!  
C. We connect on another level, words aren't always needed!  

6. If my bestie were an color she would be..
A. Bright yellow: like the sun!  
B. Red: crazy fun and always down for a night out!  
C. Blue: she can always calm me down after a crazy day at work."  


Mostly A's: You and your bestie are beach soulmates! You share a mutual love and respect for one another and your similarities only make you stronger. She gives you the best advice and is always on the same page.

Mostly B's: You two are cut from the same cloth! You feed off of each others energy and she's always the person that can get you ready for a wild night out.

Mostly C's: As the saying goes, opposites attract! You might not share the same sense of style, music or food but for some reason you two are drawn to each other. You can always count on her for a supportive ear or a relaxing coffee date!"


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