Reef We Heart traveled to Panama partnering with locally run nonprofit, Give & Surf, to volunteer their time helping the indigenous communities of Bocas del Toro in turn gaining insight on the culture and customs of the area. Give & Surf’s mission is to empower the local community through education and community development. REEF employees and Ambassadors shared in this mission as they worked, educated and listened.

This trip did not go without its fair share of sweat and blisters as the team worked alongside the Panamanian community to help build a new playground at a local school.

Give & Surf is dedicated not only to educating inside the classroom but also educating the community as a whole. One of their focuses is teaching the importance of proper waste disposal and changing the perception about waste and health. The team lent a hand in a community trash pickup, which garnered more and more community involvement as the day went on!

The cultural exchange between two communities is perhaps the most invaluable experience. The team got the opportunity to listen to stories of people in the community, shared laughs and experienced the beautiful people and environment of Bocas.