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Your favorite quote you live by?
“I do mind how I do mine.” 

Tell us what’s been motivating you the most as of lately?
Lately I’ve been motivated by my friends that love to surf more than anything. They’ll make any board, fins, trunks or waves work, it makes me appreciate my job and equipment 10 times more.

Did you invest into bitcoin?

Any pre-competition rituals?
Copy Michael Peterson.

First thing you do in the morning?
Hit it if can.

Who helps to push you the most?
Cheeseburger (Keoni Nozaki) and my sister Coco Ho.

Favorite place to be (i.e. water, room, families house, beach). Why?
A surf spot with nobody out or just a friend, because I completely lose myself having fun.

Shared plates or individual orders when doing Thai food? 
I like doing both.

Any new surfboards you excited to experiment with?
I was excited to try my new 7’8 Gerry Lopez but I broke it on my first the wave day before yesterday. Now I have a OG 1989 Derek Ho 6’0 Eric Arakawa I want to try.

Any advice for the younger generation of surfers coming out of Hawaii?
Be yourself, be respectful and represent Hawaii with true Aloha.

Favorite place you haven’t been to in the world?
Las Vegas ...when they get a wave pool. Or Jamaica.

Favorite surfer that is no longer with us? 
RIP respectfully - Andy Irons and Eddie Aikau. 

What qualities are your favorite in girlfriends?
Enjoys cooking food and funny.

Your legendary uncle and 1993 world champion, Derek Ho, was a Reef ambassador in the past. How do you think that’s influenced you on representing Reef today?
When I was a kid, I’d stare at all the colorful surfboards in his board room, all with reef stickers. Then I’d go to school and draw the boards with all the reef logos hoping one day my boards will look just like his. Then bango, destiny.


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